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About Universal Health Care

Registered nurse Marilyn Hall purchased Universal Health Care after joining the staff in 1996. We were located across from the Brantford General Hospital for 11 years, then we moved to our current location.
At Universal Health Care, we provide a unique approach to rehabilitation: we offer a complete team of qualified health care professionals who collaborate in the development and implementation of your treatment plan.
We are proud of the positive impact we’ve made on wellness over the past more than 18 years we’ve been serving the area and invite you to learn more about how we can help you.
Mission Statement
Universal Health Care provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program individually tailored to attain optimum pre-injury functioning.
Our Philosophy
We believe that early intervention is the key that allows for the optimum functioning of our clients. This is attained by a multidisciplinary approach to client-centred care by a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing leading-edge rehabilitative therapy.
Our Team of Qualified Professionals: Your Partners In Health & Wellness
Our health care professionals offer the highest standard of care, empowering our patients with the knowledge necessary to be proactive in their health. Our practitioners are committed to working as a team to ensure you receive effective health care solutions.
All of our practitioners are graduates of accredited colleges or universities and have successfully passed each and every requirement as set out by their provincial governing bodies.
Effective Physiotherapy Care for All Ages
Whether you are coping with physical limitations, painful injuries, chronic pain conditions or sport-related issues, physiotherapy can offer you the relief you are looking for!
At Universal Health Care, we know how much an injury or condition can affect your quality of life. Our primary goal is to help you get well and stay healthy. Our compassionate and professional staff are eager to help you achieve your health care goals.